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The owner wanted a house with a garden, but the idea of ​​a house not too-seduced her husband travels often and the fact of being alone and not overlooked by not enthusiastic.

So when I found this ground floor, thought they had found the solution. Our reader could also make some changes, because the property was not yet finished when purchased. And these changes are precisely those that give personality to the floor. The wall treatment, as well as decorative appeal, has served to define the areas in the classroom. On top of the foam, a stencil in blue-the same color as the upholstery of the chairs dining points. And a row of scallops, authentic and painted, says the living area. All the paint job has made itself Ana “and as it was the first time I threw something similar, was tested before on cardboard, which stood on the wall to see the effect.”

Following our tour, we find another room, a small living room, it is actually a guest room, where the sofa bed is covered with a very current case, which is secured with the two loops arms of the sofa.

Just as the orange and yellow are the dominant colors in the two previous rooms, a strip of lavender blue combined with white has been the choice of our reader for your bedroom “because I felt relaxed,” he says. As the room is not too big, Ana chose to place a headboard lightweight iron with two cushions, not to eat the space visually. At the foot of the bed, a highboy, as necessary even though the room has a closet. In one corner, an old sink.

The bedroom has its own bathroom. But the house has another, smaller, the couple requested change: dispensed chose bidet and a shower rather than a bath, allowing moving the septum which adjoins the kitchen v get a corner for the office: a dining room with seating for four people, presided over a tile table. Ana and her husband bought a craftsman of Toledo, one day they were visiting the city, then called the store where they made the table to place them. Another good and personal idea.
A lounge with character

When decorating the living room couch broke our reader: engamó, in a softer tone, the color of the walls with the tapestry of this furniture. When smooth, let him be bolder in painting as in the rest of the fabrics. Thus, coordinated curtains and chair seats in yellow-orange with blue.
He painted the walls with the sponge and delimited the living area with a row of scallop shells, like a valance. For dining, chose a painted frieze stenciled in blue. Both details give the salon an undisputed stamp itself.

Garden with spaces clears

This ground floor not have too much furniture, to leave the space clear. Living area and separate dining room, in the lounge, with a screen light.
From the entrance, we found the room after living room is a guest bedroom.
In the background, with access to the garden, is the master bedroom with bath. Wall to wall toilet.

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