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During the winter months, it is important to choose the species set to give color to the garden, plants combining bold colors and strong, with natural canvas winter, gray, dull and matte. There is a great diversity of species with showy flowers to bloom in the winter, then we will give you some information.

Lots of color to the garden in winterThe Gaultheria, the Viburnum Dawn bodnantense and Skimmia japonica flowering species are characterized by pink, present in much of the winter, declining for the spring months. The Gaultheria or Pesgua, is an ideal plant for pots, the other, are conducive to the garden, planted in soils rich in humus.

Species of plants and colors for the garden

Other options for plants with showy flowers, flowering in winter, lie in the Rosa Rugosa and holly. These species are characterized by deep red flowers. La Rosa Rugosa can occur in climbing rose, rose bush and standing. It is advisable to plant it in soil with plenty of nutrients and sandy limestone. Holly, which highlights its abundant red berries, is also a good choice of color for the garden. Highlighted holly trees walk.

Furthermore, the Monarda or Bergamot and decorative Gramineae are ideal species for the winter. These two species of plants are attractive with their withered leaves and the colors of its branches in the winter. We advise planting in fertile soils.

The sea buckthorn is a shrub that is easily adapted to different environments. It has yellow berries that make a good appearance. The Symphoricarpos, with white berries, is also a large shrub that will give color to the garden. The fruits of Symphoricarpos grow abundantly, especially if they have enough sunshine.

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