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Bath time is very important for everyone and not only that, it is also the time to freshen up, give us a time for us and recharge through the properties of water and cleaning products of your choice. Today, take a shower not only represents a routine activity but also an opportunity to enjoy the latest technology and resources for this reason that today in Decora Ilumina we bring you a gallery with some futuristic designs insurance tubs you enjoy.

Futuristic Tubs for bathroom decoration

The first proposal we bring DadeDesign designed based on the idea that each household needs to have a personal space to relax. Thinking about all the options, this tub comes in two parts so that in this way it is easier to transport and be installed in the place where it will remain.

It is made of smooth concrete, which gives a super natural finish.

Can you imagine a shower just for you? It is now possible with this size and design perfect material for a perfect massage in the shower. The design is Gallasia and are sensational curves that surely will give you a different experience.

It is a modern bathtub, which is well suited to bathrooms with contemporary and futuristic designs. Ideal also to place as part of the decor of a business.

A fairly similar to what we offered in the first image, this tub is much larger than has characteristics very similar to the above, including the division that allows it to be portable (so to speak).

You have the option to place the tap on either end of the tub, it is also extremely comfortable to make some ritual or fill the shower of flowers.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis design was conceived by creative Kohler, who wanted to put as a concept, a shower that is capable of installation in a special corner of the room or perhaps in it.

Undoubtedly the bet is a success for those seeking ways to renovate your home. The color, finishes, materials and square up the success of this decorative piece that looks great.

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