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With the arrival of warm weather, it’s time to fine-tune our terrace. We furnish it to enjoy it when the outside temperature allows us, this means it’s time to decorate again and why not think about some change. If we talk about patio furniture, think of resistant materials (resin, plastic or tropical wood), allowing these parts to be outdoors enduring changes in temperature, wind and rain.

furniture for terrace

Still, each year we perform proper maintenance to continue to use and maintain a good appearance. Often, to avoid damage, keep our furniture terrace waiting for the arrival of spring, which means that we have a space to house the furniture (or storage tank). The solution to all this may be the option for furniture or concrete work.

Advantages of furniture or cement works

Banks integrated into the walls of the terrace or porch, are immovable and require minimal maintenance. When installing, you must be careful to apply an anti-moisture treatment so as not to deteriorate during the winter, and where necessary strengthen and / or apply a new coat of paint.

Another advantage of the work is furniture that perfectly adapt to any style, from the minimalist design of a beach house, even in a courtyard of a colonial or rustic.

When integrated into the walls of the terrace or porch, their little space visual volume, so they are perfect for small spaces. Moreover, as are custom-made, allow designing a “whim”, according to the needs and tastes of the family.


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