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To ensure that our happy home does not become a “house divided post-marriage”, we offer new couples married the following decorating tips:

Relax: Do not worry if some things do not mix. A new house, in the same way that a new relationship, it is about the couple. Follow decorating instincts with pieces that fit your interests and activities and your wife. Respect: Beware highlight emotions. Both must be creative and commit: give it a place in the room to say “no” to the living room, for example.

furniturePrioritize: Revolver things of the past is a big commitment to buy new furniture. Step one: Write down what is most needed. While the husband may want a sleek new music center for television, does it make sense to buy it if the couple only has to sit a futon?

Budget: To be realistic when setting limits purchases and works within them. Ask when you buy: Does this room is going to be forever or just a temporary solution until I moved to a bigger place? Saving money now for a better option in the future is also an option.

Inspirations: investigates the possibilities as a couple. Sit down with your partner and read newspapers, magazines and watch TV programs. Discuss in the house of a friend. Find inspiration in the design and common ground. If she likes old style he prefers a modern, both may like clear wood tones of the same color schemes.

Collaboration: Many couples are choosing a person who knows about decoration and the other only has to sit in the chair and wait. While that person can make as many decisions for the good long-term relationship, you have to engage the other. Do not forget that this is their home.

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