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The decor of the kitchen cabinets can be as varied as the style we have chosen to use in our home. We can play with contrasts, choose the same color range or dare with groundbreaking designs. In any case, it is essential that we find what we mean by the decor, without feeling embarrassed or think exclusively to the practicalities.

furniture decorationIf our furniture is aging, we can restore them without much effort and give them a new life. The first thing we should do, in this sense, is to remove the old paint chips and by a process of pickling, we can do it ourselves with the help of a spatula, sandpaper or a heat gun. After varnishing corresponding paint would come upon again. This is when we unleash our imagination and try new colors. The kitchen should be, as a rule, a bright place, so it will be yellow, orange or light green which are better. However, if you want to add a touch to our old wood furniture a more modern, we can choose silver tones, black or white.

In the event that we like prints and original images, we have many opportunities in the market with which to decorate our furniture. We can change your style without tapizarlos or perform cumbersome reform. We have, for example, vinyl stickers like these that shows the French company Domestic Company, especially dedicated to give a touch of “abstract” to any household chair or table.

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