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In a small Asturian town, stands this magnificent Indian mansion, built by a wealthy landowner who had returned from Cuba, around 1900. His heirs were able to maintain it over a century, and still retains the colonial beauty alternating with Asturian architecture. The house, generously sized, was divided into three houses now occupied by his descendants. One of them, Elena, has opened the doors of his house and allowed photographed their stays, of which today we show only the living room and the living room. In later posts we will teach you this beautiful house, which has been decorated with exquisite taste and a mime unusual.

french style living roomElena has decoratrix soul, but not coincidentally, as a painter and lover of antiques, and has extensive knowledge of the decorative arts and furniture, as shown in the selection of each of the pieces chosen for her. Although this is his second home, Elena did not want the typical vacation home. She wanted a house finished and for life, of course French style.

From the dining area told us that the magnificent mahogany table was originally twelve people, but commanded to divide and restore two pieces, one for each house. On it, a fine porcelain tureen acquired in Warsaw.

One star of the furniture of this room is the old French oak sideboard, which features a selection of porcelain, silver and crystal, acquired in several European countries and with designation of origin (Sèvres, Meissen, Limoges …)

But if anything is proud Elena are dining room chairs, which she restored with polychrome technique based on natural pigments. In this photo, well, you can see more clearly the large magnificent carpet of the Royal Tapestry Factory, which covers both the dining area and the living room.

We ask Elena to pose for us in the gallery of the hall, surrounded by the pieces that has acquired one by one, with love and care. Each one is special, unique and of great value, not only material but sentimental, thanks to the high sensitivity laying on each of the things he does. Thanks, Elena, for sharing your treasures.

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