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That mimic marble planters, large foliage plants, climbers and functional strategies that transform a balcony located on a high floor in a French garden. In order to carry these and other options to your own home, we show how to put together a balcony located on the ninth floor, with everything you need for your plants to suit local conditions and that copper beauty field.

french balconyFeatures balcony

The balcony is located on the ninth floor and measures 8.66 m long by 3 m at its widest point and 2 m at the narrowest. Look north and therefore gets sun most of the day.
The balcony style

In this case sought to give “French accent” to extend the features inside the department. Large planters were used to simulate unpolished marble and stone table carved foot Paris, which is accompanied by four black wrought iron chairs. The striking foliage plant flowers chosen relegates to the background.
The functionality of the decor

To make the site functional in plants is located mostly elongated potted placed against the rails. So occupy as little space as possible and allow to have a table and chairs to form an outdoor dining. The distribution of the pots is also important to promote the most attractive views from the balcony. On the same side angle, looking north, you can enjoy spectacular sunsets. In this sector the plants should be low to avoid blocking the view. Just off the table, however, stands a building with windows that look out onto the balcony. To give privacy to the environment, plants were placed significant height.
A strategic division

The frosted glass wall that divides the neighbor’s balcony, we used to have a pipe and place a shower. To hide the installation, make the wall and have taller plants, was provided a treillage hiding in the barrel and climbing jasmine growing. The treillage chosen is white and PVC, a material that requires very little maintenance. In the same sector, added two folding chairs and light to get there as solarium balcony.
How to control too much sun?

In the balconies, like our model, receive sunlight all day, the possibility of lowering the temperature so that the plants are encountering the difficulties fewer development. Here are some remedies in the balcony, which we show as an example.

The tile floor was changed to special stone that refract heat. So, turns out to be fresh both in winter and in summer and prevents overheating of the pots.
Were chosen reconstituted stone planters, which have the advantage of not absorb heat and thus prevent the temperature rise of the roots. Unlike other options, such as clay pots, the stone perfectly with the French style of decoration.

For plants tolerate the sun, requires deep pots. This hawk any measures less than 40cm

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