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The new possibilities of a material such as esparto are amazing. Although its value is recognized in decorative and functional traditional uses of this material (blinds, carpets, baseboards, etc..) Are still many facets to discover. So we liked the proposal designer Martin Azua of this carpet soled sandals made ​​of straw. A carpet made ​​with footprints. This rug was made for the interior design project of the Camper store in Seattle.

Footprints Rug Model

Trepitjada is a carpet that sets the pace, a carpet that reproduces the traces of footsteps, composed of a number of espadrille soles, is woven esparto by the expert hands of artisans of the region of Murcia. In this area of ​​Spain continues the tradition of artisan carpets handmade esparto with beautiful drawings that follow ancient designs.

This rug so creative that makes us think there is poor materials but poorly utilized materials and craftsmanship that can be cutting edge Spanish if approached with creativity.

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