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The basis of this style is folksy and fleeing back to traditional ultramodern new trends. It is the memory of the field. It has a unique and authentic touch and allows great freedom in the decorative composition. It is an excellent choice if you are looking to achieve is a relaxed and away from fads. The wood used is pine quintessential because it is a timber that provides a solid feel unlike any other. Two characteristic elements of this style are influenced side tables of the 40 tables and cupboards Style French farms.

folksy triumphs in the rustic style

Furniture should flee as prefabricated elements that are cold and impersonal, and this style is human and warm. Every corner of our home should inspire humanity, stories … In short, life. Apart from wood, clay and stone are also very successful elements. Also, natural fibers are another excellent alternative. Similarly forging headboards, lamps or frames.

We will choose the colors depending on which evokes nature, the sky, land or trees, for example. So browns, blues and greens are ideal colors. It is also a wise place varnished wooden beams in natural colors, either on walls or ceiling, painted in natural colors mate. It is also advisable that convey elements antiquity and history.

That way, all allowances that we convey a relaxed, country-influenced outdoor life are essential.

In the kitchen, for example, would be very great rustic pine table and comfortable chairs. In addition, they leave open cabinets bare our dishes are ideal complements.

Iron lamps, rugs and curtains stamped smooth wicker objects we transmit this warmly decorated and full of life that reminds us of the rustic style.

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