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The concept is not new: a chair that gets hold our weight without falling apart and that can fold. But the peculiarity of the Flux chair is its sleek design and convenient way to collect on itself, leaving a mailing envelope. An ingenious creation especially useful for small apartments.

flux folding chair

“Once upon a time in the Netherlands, two young German designers found inspiration in something that was thin as paper” … As if it were a fairy tale begins on building the Flux Chair designed by Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten to from the wonderful artistic designs of Richard Sweeney, a great sculptor who uses only paper in his works. And the result is what you see in the pictures.

The aim of the chair is to scratch Flux few centimeters of freedom to our small but cozy apartment. A vital purpose that is not incompatible with good taste, and have been responsible for several international competitions recognize the Flux chair that has gone in a twinkling. And you look, everywhere you look, any part of his “body” exudes modernity and minimalist finish makes it even more elegant.

To this must be added that the Flux chair is made of a single piece, made of polypropylene, a material similar to plastic, flexible, virtually unbreakable, water resistant, recyclable, and also allows to mount easily folded.

We can find the Flux chair in eight different colors (red, yellow, soft, gray, blue …), and its price varies: a chair 79 euros for the kids (supports up to 80 kilos), and the largest 129 euros (160 kilos). And if instead of living in a small apartment you are lucky enough to have a large dining room or a splendid terrace, no doubt: the Flux chair is your choice.

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