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Flowers have always been a good decorative object. Contributing to add freshness and color to the environment. No matter your decorating style, you can light your home by placing some beautiful flower arrangements that you can find in the post of your nearest florist or encourage you to make your own. This can take the following steps:

flower decorationKnowing the varieties of flowers and foliage, their seasons, and the colors of each is the first step to decorate your home with flowers. For this you can use a good encyclopedia of flowers and foliage. Choose flowers, colors and styles that accentuate your home decor.

Traditional: For the traditional style of decoration abundant choose local flowers petals such as roses, lilies and chrysanthemums or acentĂșalas with some “golden rod” or solidazo. Order flowers with a few stems of foliage in a glass vase or glass.

Country: For country-style decor with a shower proof, a terra cotta pot, a small bucket or basket and fill it with tulips, gerberas, daisies or dahlias to add freshness. AcentĂșalo with some roses, columbines or some wild flower.

Contemporary: For a bold contemporary style choose flowers, for those who only need to put one as coves, lilies, birds of paradise or orchids. The vase should be equally simple and to focus attention on the central flowers you can use small flowers or, even more simply, any foliage.

Romantic: For a romantic style creates a dramatic arrangement with lots of soft flowers like peonies, roses and gardenias. Use with fall foliage as a vine, and quite crowded places flowers in a glass vase or urn fretwork.

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