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It may be obvious to explain the functions or objectives pursued with the floral arrangements, however, it is important to consider various aspects that can help when creating one place and generate what we seek. In the first instance, it is common that relates to the flower arrangement of any kind, with interior gardens. And so, are decorative elements in most cases minimalist character, where it is necessary to appreciate it to enjoy it.

floral arrangementAnyway, floral arrangements are not unique interior gardens without oque also be used in outdoor gardens, outdoor, in those special or particular sectors of the garden on the patio or terrace. It is very important not to abuse the floral arrangements, because often this happens, but look for the place and the proper design of arrangement, and use it in the best way.

Materials and flowers for arrangements

Now let’s go over the different materials, types of flowers, foliage and foreign elements that are needed. First, the most important thing: the flowers.

Flowers that are needed for a floral arrangement should be fresh, be important to combine more than three plant species, taking into account the dimensions that will flower arrangement.

Going forward, also will specify green foliage, an essential element that will help in the composition of the array. There is great diversity of foliage, so it is good to seek the mixture between green tones and textures of foliage. The choice of foliage also will depend on the size that the arrangement can be more delicate with an asparagus or more portentous as ferns.

While the container, it must maintain the balance of the settlement, may be disposable. Finally, it also requires a florist foam called elements or island, a type of sponge which, with water, place the stems of plants.

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