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If you managed to find entity article and others like it on the Internet, then maybe there is a chance that you have already read about floating roofs. You may even be interested in buying one and so I walk looking for some tips on how to buy the best quality. But there may be more things you want to know.

floating roofFor that reason take a look at our list of frequently asked questions and will surely find some of which were in his head while.

1 – What do you mean by “floating”?
These roof racks are linked by a metal separating the original ceiling thereof. This space allows you to place inside pipes, cables and other types of facilities should not be seen with the naked eye Cundo enters a place.

2 – What are the factors to be taken into account during installation?
To install a ceiling yourself, there are several factors that need to have in mind. This includes installation planning, calculating the angles of the walls and the assembly of the different parts as the main structures, the middle and the panels.

3 – Can you hang chandeliers or decorative objects of the same?
Yes, you definitely can. There are hooks specially designed for this type of roofing. Can find them in department stores. The hooks come in different sizes and you should choose one of the right size for what you want to hang.

4 – They are made of fire-resistant materials?
Although not all are fire resistant, some companies have designed ceilings are. If you consider that to be forewarned against fire is important, especially in your home, then you should opt for the second option.

5 – Can be changed once installed?
If you eventually get bored of the design or what you want to change because it begins to show signs of aging, this product can be easily modified. For a smooth installation, contact the experts who know seamlessly meet their needs.

6 – Is there a downside?
Like everything else, they do, but it’s nothing compared to the benefits. What they have is that they reduce the height of the room, but it is something we can not live. Floating roofs are still a great idea for your home.

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