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With the summer heat makes its appearance in the garden flies, invading towns and fields and are responsible for many diseases that threaten human health. Surely during these months will this uninvited stone on his land and to enter the house, forcing him to have the traditional defensive weapons at hand: insecticides, flyswatter, secret home as hanging clear plastic bags with water and paraffin atrincherĂ¡ndonos in our homes with doors and windows closed.
And then we wonder how humanity has developed an amazing technology that enabled even to take man to the moon, has failed to defeat their enemies closer.

flies in gardenHowever, and to the inefficiency and the risk of contamination of insecticides, science is investigating effective natural weapon to combat results and minimize the impact of the action of the fly, which also performed work among us in Chile. Is the biological control of this insect diptera so dirty and annoying.

The habitat of the fly is manure, as their larvae need organic matter to develop. A female can lay 300 to 400 eggs, and the rapid spread of the insect is explained by the fact that each egg becomes a larva in 24 hours 48 hours in other rapidly growing and the 72 that follow pupates: Between 5 and 15 days, the pupa is a fly of a new generation.
The attack fly habitat garden

As reproduction is subject to that habitat excreta, is where combat sought, In China, for example, where it has developed strongly raising pigs fly has been eradicated in much ‘part with a simple and obvious conduct prevention. Hatcheries manure is removed with water, liquefying, to be carried by gutters directly to agricultural land being used as fertilizer: The idea has been implemented in Chile, particularly in La Serena.

Also in our other techniques have been applied to control through fly’s pheromones, the substance secreted by the female to attract the male. The method involves removing the secretion of the insect and add certain insecticides, such as granules for sugar. The resulting solution is deposited on dishes, until reaching the-fly and are eliminated.

Outside, other techniques are tested, one of which is a new “weapon” chemistry. It is mixed in the food of birds nontoxic insecticide, which eliminate feces in and kills the fly.
But the more optimistic are novelty biological control techniques, also applied in the country and with good and satisfactory results.

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