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The overall decorative style chalets can be very varied, especially depending on the use that we will give. If it is a summer cottage, where we go to get away from it urban, the most common is that we attract the country decor, bright colors, contrasting with the gray of everyday life. If, on the contrary, it is a winter chalet, we use much more often during the weekends, we can give a more modern feel. In the one case as in the other, the kitchen can be consistent.

flat kitchenIf we want a country kitchen, rustic style can go. In it, what are the predominate wood or wicker furniture, the colors ocher, brown and yellow, and the reasons that refer to rural life. For the countertop, we can use imitation brick or stone. In short, the idea that we must convey this type of cuisine is simplicity, a return to the days when technology did not dominate each parcel of our life.

The opposite is the modern kitchen. In her motives prevail cutting edge, spot colors and bold designs. We can use diffuse light sources to give a sense to remind urban spaces. Countertops or marble tiles are the most consistent. In sum, we can leverage our villa with daring designs or models of furniture that we can attach to our home, either for lack d space or decorative incongruity.

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