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The art of Feng Shui is based on combining and having a harmonious and balanced environment drives your positive energy to run wild and prosperity is constant in your life. Well, one of the fundamentals are the colors. These are a representation of the elements, according to Chinese culture, are present in nature: fire, wood, metal, water and earth, and each of them unfolds in different colors.

Feng Shui Colors

· Fire: red, orange, pink, powerful, strong.

· Earth: natural colors, tan, terracotta, ocher. Yellow is the most representative symbol of the bright sun.

· Water: blue and black colors, water and sky.

· Metal: gray colors, metallics and whites and neutrals.

· Wood represents the colors of nature, and green is the highlight, to turquoise.

But not enough to know the relationship of color that represent each of the elements: we must learn to combine and adapt to the spaces of your home in line with your personality, to achieve that much desired harmony Feng. But do not worry, you will not have to eat the coconut to make a table with colors that you think can represent you merjor. That also is the Feng Shui. This ancient art predisposes each of these items / colors depending on the uniqueness of each person, to get positive energy flow better for your environment.
The ideal combination of element-personality is:

· Fire: dynamic, exuberant, extroverted, aggressive, prone to stress and excess. Benefit ocher and blue.

· Earth: Persons balanced, homey, diplomatic, warm, conservative, stubborn. They benefit from the white and green tones.

· Water: People sensitive, introverted, emotional, deep, depressed, passive. They benefit from the green and earthy tones.

· Metal: Persons refined, intelligent, observant, more introverted than extroverted, competitive retailers. They benefit from the blue or red.

· Wood: People restless, innovative, changing, loving and fun games, artists, craftsmen. They benefit from the red and white.

Think you know the right combination translate to praise your personality?

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