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Do you know tadelakt technique? In our post today we propose the use of this innovative technique of Moroccan lime plaster for the walls of your home. Conseguiréis they acquire an outstanding brightness, and offer elegance and kindness in our home environment. A foray into the exotic oriental culture.

The tadelakt, a foray into more exotic Eastern culture

The technique is tadelakt lime plaster from Morocco. This special lime stone is compacted and acquires a high shine. In addition to the walls, can also be used on floors, bathtubs or tables, for example.

Your name, tadelakt means kneading and clearly reflects their development process. This technique, which provides ease and softness to the space you want, comes from Morocco, specifically in the region of Morocco and, despite being one of the oldest techniques in the world, is currently fashionable. Originally, this lime plaster was used for the inner walls of the tank as it has great waterproof properties and high strength. Over time it spread to the hammam (Turkish bath), as well as showers and toilets. And, this art was finally the art also spread to the palaces.

To use this technique in all its glory is necessary to have the lime extracted from the Marrakech. This will be combined with elements such as black Moroccan soap, water and wax. And if we want a more personalized touch can add to the mix dyes. Having achieved a smooth paste, the selected site will spread by, polished and buffed. The result will be a nice coating innovative, original and delicious touch. Transmit a beautiful harmony, we can adapt to any style, besides being a technical one hundred percent organic, and captivate our senses. Want to try? Courage.

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