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The accessories, furniture and other decorative object, craft, natural wood, wicker or mud pastel, earthy orange, that revolve around a light, yet smooth and soft, high on all nights, are the components core ethnic decorative style. This immortalizes the distant and ancient cultures of the Pacific Islands, Africa, Latin America, and the mere presence of only one of these exotic elements, powerful and impressive, makes a room be imbued with its essence.

Ethnic Style Decoration 2013
In the following list we present you a series of furniture and items to give your home that special touch so multicultural characteristic:

Handmade objects are key. Everything has a place craft.

Exotic is the basis of ethnic decoration objects. The more exotic the better.

Lighting is the basis of habitat warmth and heart of the other items available. Be tempered with thin curtains that filter the light and warmth of the sun’s rays. At night, the lights should be dimmed and soft and can focus on specific areas or furniture.

The colors, light and natural. Must project the means to evoke, dimming the light source that provides great sun. The orange, red, earthy and light blue are characteristic. In short, they should be warm, so purple, for example, is also accommodated.

The aromas should generate that special atmosphere, mystical, natural, landscapes and traditions to which pervades. Tropical plants attract these odors.

Tables and chairs: wooden, carved the first round, also of wood, wicker or bamboo the latter, earthy colors, orange, consistent with the table. The simplicity of this furniture must prevail, although the backs of chairs can be decorated with ornamental, carved.

Textile recall elements of nature, like the sea, the green fields and the sun. They must also not be thick, but fresh and easy handling. The tablecloths, cloths or curtains should be hand sewn.

Accessories: all that symbolize these exotic cultures are good. Thus, palm trees, totem poles, masks, figurines, dishes, fish taxidermist, rocks, shells, … are useful objects. Or the lanterns, torches and candles.

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