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Complementing d├ęcor while decorative forms the basis of any stay. That is the ethnic style. Its main feature is the presence of very different cultures objects that share a remoteness and exoticism that makes them unique. Totems, voodoo masks, the flowery lanterns or ornamental arches are characteristic of these unique cultures, African, Pacific Islander or Latin American tribal communities.

ethnic ornament

Traversing a stay characterized by ethnic interior should convey the feeling of being on a journey to places spatiotemporal ancient, distant, with pure colors, unique aromas.

A single object can permeate the entire space of their cultural particularity. And, as mentioned, in addition to being a decorative set itself the ethnic style perfectly complements all kinds of genres. The key elements are the same, giving a touch of magic to your environment.

But do not confuse the overriding importance of the objects in the room refill. On the contrary: the objects of this style are very strong, but not excessive but powerful, attractive, powerful, making their presence completely flooded the room.

The importance of natural light
This addition will understand the vital importance of lighting in this type of decoration: natural light is the axis around which circulates the ethnic style, like the cultures in which it is based, so the furniture and accessories should not block their entry. Sunlight is life, warmth, joy, and all the objects in the room have increased these aspects: the colors are earthy, clear, orange-like environment-these exotic cultures, combined with white and the black, the materials, wood, carved, especially craft, clay, stone, natural fibers, also warm. What we do is done with the light is dim it, with curtains, panels, smoothing shine.

In short, a multiracial and original style which will travel without leaving home.

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