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If there is anything we can do in rewarding our homes, in addition to enjoying the calm and rest, is filling alborotarlo to friends and family. If you are a person who likes to get at home, you know how important it is that your living room or are welcoming and have sufficient space and seating. Gather a group home to be comfortable and make not so much a matter of meters available as well calculate the space, taking advantage of the maximum, and placing the larger pieces of furniture so that we prove functional as possible.

Rooms for entertaining

The chairs, to optimize space, should be attached to the walls or near them. Maybe leave some room to move or lean back a day of “overbooking” of friends is also a good idea. Usually the room, lounge or living room that becomes the protagonist in these occasions. Large sofas, comfortable, spacious and sturdy chairs that allow their arms or support feel without having to throw the next day are things you should consider if you plan visits often.

The ottoman and folding or stackable chairs are also a good choice when you know your house will be a rallying point. Allow you to use them in several rooms or save later or use them in the garden, balcony or terrace.

Side tables that would be supportive of glasses or cups, and a long table where several people can sit or install a complete casual cold buffet items that will make entertaining not involve having to move all the furniture in your house.

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