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In the first instance, the first steps should be the same as those of the common gardens. It should mark the boundaries of the bed and equal divisions thereof. Then, dig the garden side trails, use the same soil removed to raise central beds. Subsequently, it is required to make a trench, the width, depth of approximately 20 centimeters, at one end of the bed. This soil from the trench must be carried and piled on the opposite end thereof.

The end of double digging processThe use of the fork is the next step. It should be on the ground to a depth that reaches the same tool. Then, place bone meal and compost. These elements reach depths, being accessible to the roots of plants to be planted subsequently.

The double dug

After completing the first trench, is the time to make a second, along with the previous one. The result of this land should be dug to sectors recently worked with the fork.

Then perform the same steps that were undertaken in the first trench. The bottom bracket and the deposition of compost and bone meal. Following this second trench is dug a new, doing all the above process. After the third ditch, do not step back and dug areas worked.

The end of double digging process

The floor should be covered with leaves, straw or dry grass before being watered. At the time of planting, planting vegetables sedentary according to their characteristics. It is essential to the mixture of vegetables according to their roots. Carrots and turnips have deep roots, while lettuce is shallow root.
This mixture will result with the nutrients needed for each vegetable, which will have more space deep to find what they need. This form of cultivation show the best results.

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