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We have already discussed some other time of risky Dirty Chic style. An aesthetic trend within the world of decoration, which has already achieved a large number of followers. Passing some general features, today we want to show how this type of decoration is in a particular room. A room so important and decisive in the overall structure of our home, as is the lounge.

dirty chic salon

The first thing to say is that although it is clear that we can try to apply this style to any living room, it is certain that will be much better in those with sharp, very sharp, some characteristics. Rooms with high ceilings, walls of origin or deteriorated bricks in the wall, floor tiling industrial or older.

It is these rooms that meet one of the maxims of Dirty Chic, making imperfections do highlight the other elements of our decor.

In these rooms, and before moving to the new or copyright furniture, we can try to integrate some other old element to further maximize the feeling of wear. Be funny for a trunk of old metal, splintered wood furniture or even worn leather sofas.

Generally the old objects like chandeliers and mirrors with scrolls often left ideal in this type of stay, and if the house has a fireplace work, we can not really ask for more.

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