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Wood Wastes generated by a furniture factory, is the material used by the German designer Elisa Strozyk to create these imaginative and original carpets. From small pieces of wood with cuts geometrales, sometimes hand-made ​​and other laser, the designer has been shaping the wood piece by piece. Then, the thin sheets stick to a fabric base, like a jigsaw puzzle, with designs with a flexible, three-dimensional texture. With this innovative technology, as well as carpets, the German designer performs other fantastic pieces for the home such as curtains, tablecloths, plaids … And even pieces of furniture and lamps.

Dimensional wooden Carpets

The German Boewer handles the marketing of these rugs in four models with four different designs and different colors: Wentwood (197 x 140 cm), Mortimer (197.5 x 140 cm), Sherwood (162 x 91 cm with fringe ) and Ashd0wn (152 x 87 cm with fringe).

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