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Dill is a plant of the parsley family and is characterized by the total use made of it: the leaves are used fresh in salads or to flavor stews and fish, while the seeds are used as a spice and flowers and fruits canned and famous dill vinegar. This aromatic plant is sweet and slightly bitter, with a hint of anise and lemon leaves, while seeds, stronger flavor, cumin know meadows.

dill herbThe leaves go well with seafood, fish, eggs, stews, dressings, salads, and cold sauces based on cream, yogurt or sour cream. It is best to use fresh leaves and cut by hand, never with a knife, and incorporated into the end of cooking so they do not lose their flavor or taste.

seeds are known for their use in the development of products such as pickles, flavored vinegars, preserves, sauerkraut, pickles, bread. Crush the seeds and add them to a creamy sauce to accompany a fish pie or chives and mix with yogurt to accompany salmon or cod.

Its many healing properties make it ideal for inclusion in saucers of people with flatulence, hepatic and digestive disorders, as well as to stimulate the production of breast milk.

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