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Few houses are those that do not have a desk in one of their rooms. Whether children who are old enough to do homework, teenagers and college students, who need their daily study hours, or ourselves, which worked well at home, the fact is that there are few homes without these elements.

desk views
Today we speak precisely of those desks, particularly their placement under the windows of the rooms.

Place these items on the windows is a great solution that will give us many benefits. On one hand, it is indisputable that the use of natural light will be much greater. Therefore spend less artificial light, and our eyes will notice enough improvement.

Note that by placing a desk under the window, we also have another factor, instant ventilation. If we sweltered in summer, so we’ll just raise my hand to open the sale.

This type of loan allows you to leverage the rest of the room. Generally, placing a desk under the window, we will have the rest of the area of ​​the room to decorate with other elements. If a child or youth room can come in handy to have no problem when it comes to fit the bed. If a study itself, will save space and place and other elements as shelves.

Finally, the aspect we like most, is that thanks to this placement, we have seen. Never mind that we do not live in the bush, with large meadows below us. Be working for a long time is always hard, so, look out the window we will be good to clear our heads between hour and hour.

One problem with this type of placement is that the curtains may not pass behind the desk, if this is against the wall. Therefore, the best option here is to have a curtain or panel. This way we can lower it without removing the table previously.

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