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Having a small space to create and give life to a garden is something that should not grieve. Any space is good for creating a garden, and a small space is no exception. Only we know use it, choose the appropriate plants and flowers, and care in the best way possible, because that is your garden. Although small, it is a small garden can hang rest, enjoyment and tranquility. To achieve this it is very important to discuss in advance any element floor and we will put there because we can not overdo or ornaments or plants, especially for the very health of the latter.

small gardenIf you are looking to enjoy the color of the flowers, it is best to study how the sun reaches the garden, identify areas where longer receiving the natural light and the best condition of that area. A small stonemason, including a wooden deck on a slope, or, why not, a small fountain to constantly perceive the sound of running water. If you liked this last remember that you can get all kinds of sources in stores right size.
Conditioning the garden

An important factor when it comes to small gardens and packaging methods is undoubtedly the best use of space. However, this does not mean clutter or excess, but, on the contrary, fairness and selection.

Superpoblarlo is important not because plants need air and food. This would be good if the walls are well used. The hanging plants, pots of different types, or climbing vines are plant species that help create the desired atmosphere.

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