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Creating and designing a garden to our measure can be given in any green space that is counted. No need for a large area to do so, it only takes desire and willingness, remembering that the best results will come if we do it ourselves, arming the way we want. Firstly we study space, mark divisions and sectors, thinking about how you’re going to give the garden.

Design a garden to your tasteBroadly speaking, the three key elements that interfere in the garden include grass, sky and plants. These three elements are mostly linked to the tone of the garden design. However, when it comes to color and the use and combination of different ranges, you must also have the architecture of the house and outbuildings colors

The combination of colors can be given in infinite ways. We advise not to abuse the diversity, as this can be counterproductive, but recommends using few colors, focusing on the various ranges of the same color, creating private spaces within the generality of the garden.

The shape of the garden

Much of garden design reflects the colors of the species of plants and flowers to grow, but also of the ways to acquire the garden. Projecting the future appearance of a plant, will help us reach the goal. We must think of ways that the plant will grow and manage when spaces accordingly.

We will evaluate the shadows that larger plants such as trees. Plantar fragile species under trees can be a good option to safeguard and protect them. Shrubs are also effective as cover and wind barrier. It is important to perform a good group of species. Generate microspaces within the garden will give us different options of enjoyment thereof, may allocate each corner to a specific tares.

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