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This fall we will directly inspire the color palette of the latest collection from Designers Guild. I propose the ideas of this firm because his independent style trends and is always open because I think observing their daring color combinations will sneak into your subconscious decoratrix and I will provide the push needed to start the fall with verve . Instead of textiles, have chosen her collection of decorative accessories: blankets, rugs and cushions. With them, you can do a little magic as always tuck your bed as a blanket white and blue textured insinuating. Or dare to put a good strong carpet-why-not well in this stunning floral ultramarine (Designers this is very blue, indeed, they treat it in a unique way) that is back in fashion replacing, perhaps something dark, blue oil past years.

color designThe fantastic new range of reversible blankets and throws include accurate details, some fringed or embroidered, others trimmed with silk in a palette of colors from neutrals to strong cold shades of color. The Phipps blanket mohair hair is long, with a remarkably smooth tonal gradation, and the blanket is woven Pavonazza pure merino wool.

Precious and floral-cross stitch on linen digital printing and embroidery on silk, velvet and elegant geometric striped silk-new Designers Guild cushions are the perfect touch to enhance the personality of a room, adding a touch of luxury.

ll these colors you can mix them together. The mauve with purple and blue and then add a touch cold as stones or neutral light and dark gray. Or the reverse: starting with blue and combines different ranges with some purple and some green. And if you dare not therefore always the rescued off white. A good white base and introduces these vibrant colors of autumn matizándolos with gray and black.

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