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The roads, the paths, the roads are all elements vital to the design and the overall structure of a garden, especially if it is a large space, where they can create divisions, subdivisions, many large or small spaces within the same garden. It is very important that the creation of the trails is made at the time of garden design. It is essential that these roads do their job in the best way, so you should develop your journey having it clear the different zones that have the garden, and the way that the path taken.

Design garden pathsIn turn, we can distinguish two types of paths: one main roads, the busiest those, which should be more rugged and durable, whereas there are the secondary roads, with which you can choose from different options. Japanese roads entering the second option, being a unique and attractive alternative for decorating a garden.
How to build a Japanese way

The first aspect to consider in building a garden path, is to be built on grass, not on sandy areas or untreated plots. These roads are becoming more common at different levels of gardening.

The materials used for the layout of the road, are rodeno slate or tiles, it is important that there is some separation between these elements, but not enough to keep off the grass which is below.

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