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If you want to give a traditional rustic touch to a room with sloping ceilings, decorative beams are the best choice. They can also provide warmth to a stark room creating a modern and even solve small cracks, hard cover with other techniques. A wide range of wood finishes and polyurethane, but are more hollow beams which are used as well as decorating are useful to use as gutters.

decorative beams

Steps to Install hollow beams

Whether you are wood like polyurethane are the first thing we must do is to plan carefully the place where we will put the beams. If you are timber must first apply the dye and finish treat.

If the supports of the beams do not bring facts holes, we make them. With a ruler and draw two diagonal lines with a wood drill 6 drilled right at the intersection.

With a boot trace mark where the beam is placed and handed media. The next step will be a normal roof bolting the brackets, for which we use a cue to enter the appropriate screw for our roof. We have to be careful and put the screws to contraveta to not crack the wood in the future.

Once the media is placed upon the beam cut to size with a hacksaw. The last step is to mark the place where they will go after the brackets holding the beam with a couple of nails.

Installing polyurethane beams

The installation process for polyurethane beam is much simpler and does not require professional tools or large DIY knowledge.

After marking the spot where the beam will go, we apply the special silicone. Finally, slowly put the beam in place and to prevent air bubbles and split the beam together a couple of times before fixing definitely pushing hard for a long time.

We will have a rustic and warm in the decoration of our stay, we only lack complete with aged wooden furniture and a touch of glimmer.

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