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Speaking of Victorian decor immediately transports us to a place with great delicacy, softness, comfort, and above all elegance. This style has been back in the limelight and many decorating magazines they consider as trend.
Basically Victorian decor does not require too many elements, just the furniture of this style are able to decorate themselves, as they bring a touch of elegance and subtlety that no other style can get.

Decoration Victorian British elegance

Hardwoods, porcelain and marble

The great achievement of Victorian decor is never out of fashion despite being a style born in the mid-nineteenth century. His name also, how could it be otherwise, is in honor of Queen Victoria of England, a great lover of decoration that had grades cravings when dressing your home.

This decoration is generally composed of hardwood furniture like walnut, mahogany or oak and are usually hand-carved, sometimes turning into works of art.

The pastel colors and ocher are the major players in the Victorian style is easy to see pink, cream, blue and brown mix, in addition to wood, other materials such as porcelain or marble.

While it is true that this style was pretty steep at the beginning, as time has gone by has maintained the elegance and romance but in a much more light than it would have liked to Queen Victoria.

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