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We live in a society that does not allow us to miss a second of our time. We are always too busy, which makes us seek security and balance in the little time we have free. That is the purpose of decoration Time Out, a simple and relaxing fleeing ostentation looking for the most enjoyable time to spend our holiday. Within this decorative style, Time Out has two kinds of trend: Time Out Time Out Casual and Formal. Want to know how they differ and how to get this decoration so relaxing?

decoration time out

Time Out Casual

Minimalism is one of the foundations of this style. It reminds us of the beginnings of the loft in the United States, more specifically in New York where the decor has a certain industrial touch, with an enormous simplicity but do not forget to create a warm and clean feeling. Although a priori might think that is impersonal, we found it just the opposite, because you get a warm and functional environment that is perfect for hosting our moments of rest.

Generally the furniture chosen for the Time Out Casual decoration are wood and as for the colors, the main ones are white, black and shades of gray as basic tones and blues, greens and even oranges for accessories and small details. The latter will give you the personal touch and welcoming us home.

Time Out Formal

Here the decor is not as minimalist and acquires a more classic in which the books, textiles, paintings, etc., Are those who manage to create the perfect atmosphere.

What we share both styles is the type of material used for furniture, where the wood is again essential.

The range of tones is broader, though still including blues and greens, grays well, add the chocolate brown, camel, snuff and apricot.

In some ways the Time Out is a decorative style that aims to at home, in addition to relaxation, we find ourselves details that might otherwise be in continuous contact with nature.

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