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A small kitchen can become “great” and have an important decorative presence, just as a piece of larger, if it comes to decorating we consider some very effective tricks. There are many tricks to decorate a small kitchen, relating to the distribution and furnishing, use of space in corners, separations with partitions, but in point of today we will talk about the tricks that exist to decorate a small kitchen dimensions, and that deal with natural and artificial light.

Tips for decorating a small kitchen, lightingConveniently illuminate the kitchen is the first step. Epoch white light fluorescence, known Dayliht, distributed throughout much of the space a light spectrum of great clarity that will get the effect of extending the kitchen.

Despite this dark corners will close the feeling of space. Illuminate these areas is essential; Fluorescence tubes hidden under the white underside of the wall units, illuminate the countertop area in all its depth. That light countertop in perfect perspective distinguish different levels of closeness furnishing generated so our kitchen look bigger.

The dark corners, surely in a small kitchen with small shelves will be exploited, can lead focal lighting, always white, between shelves or projected from opposite walls to separate the visual effect of the human spotlight.

The natural light coming through the window of a small kitchen, is precious and we must not waste it. So completely forget the curtains or fabric stores in strong or decorated. A curtain, best halfway up, semi-transparent white and completely smooth, without drawings or embroidery will exploit the widest possible solar lighting.

If the window sill is well placed small green plants, cacti are ideal on small pots of color, we gain the impression that the window, as an illusion, is separated and gain even more space in our kitchen.

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