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On the floors of city, the balcony may be the only place outdoors where you can enjoy some fresh air and natural. Even if you’ve always dreamed of a large garden outside where you can enjoy the beauty of plants and nature, you can make this dream come true on your balcony. In fact, even the smallest balconies are able to become a smaller version of a beautiful garden, ornate and cheerful. It all depends on the decor, is the key that will help you transform your small balcony in an area that does not want to leave. For inspiration in decorating a small balcony, we’ll show you many different tricks you can apply to space, design and budget.

small balcony

Furniture, fixtures and floor are the main elements that make the big difference in the overall look of your balcony. A carpet of fake grass to give a more rustic look and close to a garden. Today you can get artificial turf carpet color and texture very close to natural as it is a small space, the cost will be nothing higher. You can also take advantage of a comfortable and soft carpet of you have.

For the walls, nothing better to seize a vertical garden. Save space while recreate the natural environment. You can make your own pots or simply purchase inexpensive media to create a mural of plants. If you want something a little more “wild” can grow climbing plants in pots will spread slowly across the surface of the wall.

The balcony furniture is a sensitive issue, because if you do not choose the right furniture, you end up with a table and chairs that burden and allow you to enjoy the space. Looking for something simple that fits the size of the balcony. A table and two chairs with simple lines and thin will be ideal. The high tables are perfect for saving space, like folding tables. A low table with a couple of puff also be used to create the relaxing space you want.

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