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Living Rooms Decor. Today we will see how to achieve the best decorating living rooms. This area is special for the guests of the house, to sit and relax or to spend time with family or friends, chatting or watching television. Therefore, it is one of the most recurrent of home and we must pay due attention. In a large living room you can place a piano, a dining table or a pool table. You can also add a couple of plants if you get a good amount of sunlight. Usually, the couch is the focal point of the living room. Take it as a starting point to decorate this space.

decorating living rooms

Give prominence to the floor and walls. Not many places you can play with these components as in common areas, takes the living room to use parquet floors majolica white or earth tones to give it a more natural and light.

For the walls light colors is advisable: from white, through all its variations and earth colors. Your living room will be spotless with one of these colors and will serve to relax while watching a movie, for example.

Use mirrors and visual aids. Making a place look bigger is sometimes just a matter of imagination. The mirrors are ideal for making a space look much bigger and contribute not only visual but also how a person feels to be in a room that has these.

Give space to beauty. While we have been on the most important are the furniture and comfort, there’s no denying the importance of details. Add an occasional table, a set for the coffee table, rug and even some natural plants that you care.

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