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Arrange the room of the kings of the house can become a real headache. You must create a space in which to combine games and study. Where you place the desktop is essential. Children need their space and as they grow much more, as they will need to create their particular independence. Their room is their territory, where they play, study and rest and they have to have a say when it comes to decorating.

kids room

The problem comes when the room is not too much space and you need to place a desk where they can do their homework, put your computer and all that has enough light so as not to impair their vision.

Desks integrated or independent

Depending on the style that we have given to the room, we buy the desktop line with the rest of the furniture or independently.

In the latter case independent desktops give much more play because it can be placed in separate corners of the rest of the furniture, which somehow also generates an emotional separation between games and free time, eventually the obligations.

By not get integrated with the rest of the furniture, you can choose other colors and even materials to further differentiate the spaces.

Harnessing natural light from windows

Moreover in the case of integrated desks furniture, generally tend to put beside the bed or closet. The big advantage is that it saves space by all the furniture belonging to the same module.

When you put it, it is best to do in space that are opposed to the rest of the furniture, but always try to be near the window to take advantage of natural light.

The windows are also an element of distraction, so if we can place the desktop so that among light without being see what’s out there, the better. Help children to concentrate more.

Unwrap the leisure and study is essential to get the most out of the room.

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