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The trend of cowhide rugs has proved one of the most popular and modern. They have become preferred in interior decoration. Humans began protecting themselves with animal skins to withstand the cold, but now changed their usefulness for decorative purposes. We can see in many many places, including cafes and restaurants very prestigious. They are ideal for any room: living room, dining room, bedroom for being very soft and luxurious.

Decorating with cowhide rugs

With them you will give a rustic look and a modern touch to any space that requires a stylish decorative detail. This type of carpet you can help turn a simple environment in a very elegant.

We find rugs with a wide range of colors, some are combinations such as black and white, and white and brown. Others are monochromatic and are found in white, beige, shades of brown, or black.

Before buying one make sure they are of very good quality and really smell of leather. Remember that the quality of the skin depends on the breed of the cow, so do not buy something of poor quality just to save a few cents

These rugs should last us many years, will not crack or rajar├ín. Are highly conserved and cleaned quickly. An important tip: choose skins that look “more tan” meaning they have a very glossy hue. This means that will last a lifetime and the pile of the carpet will not be damaged by chemicals.

Each model has its own charm and peculiarities. Choose cowhide rug in the colors that you like, you’ll love the models and insurance, you’ll want take them all.

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