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When choosing our clothes do not hesitate to create us a wardrobe in which white and black can never miss. Well, in our decor these two colors are always a hit too. The decor has always been considered because this combination is perfect for any style. Fits with any decorative proposal and provides an elegance that is difficult to find with other tones.

black decorating

Black and white in any room of the house

These two colors reach the decor a touch of modernity and sophistication in any environment, no matter if we get to the furniture, details, objects, upholstery, wallpaper or wall color.

If we place the white color on the walls can give more importance to the furniture or accessories or even combine painting in black and white guarding the space you have to not look small.

The great advantage of these colors is that we can include them in any room even in the bathrooms and kitchen.

For the decoration also has that modern look that looks like latest trend, which will try to choose refined furniture with clean lines, smooth and sober to bring a touch minimalist.

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