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When we decorate the baby’s room with all the care we put the world, but soon the little one grows and some elements need to be changed to adapt to the new needs. Today we will see how to make these changes without investing much time and money.

decorate baby room

In the first months of life a baby only needs a cot, a wardrobe and a changing table. As she becomes need other things like a bed, a chest, a table, a chair, etc.. We will see a few simple tips to make this process easier.

Tips for keeping children’s room

The furniture itself is already expensive, but if we think in the not too distant future, we can invest in furniture that will be useful to us for longer. So, there are many brands on the market that make furniture convertible that will adapt to the needs of the child. We have for example, cribs that transform into a bed making small tweaks. There are also changers that can convert into a desk with bench for when they are older. Another option is extendable beds that can gradually lengthening.

Though not designed for this, we can use the dresser as a changing mat simply adding the first months of baby’s life. This save money and also get space in the room.

Trends in decorating children’s rooms

Recent trends lead us to decorate the walls with various materials. We can use the wallpaper that comes in many colors, textures and patterns. It also carries plastic paint as it gives very good finish and is easy to clean.

Finally we propose to put in the kids room slate wall paint or paint with the same material. Give an original touch and help children to develop their creativity by drawing on it all you can think of. Of course, we must warn them not to do so in the rest of the walls of the house.

It is also good for them to participate in decorating their own room, so we can let them choose, for example, the color of the paint or print sheets. This will help them feel more comfortable in this room of the house where they will spend a lot of time.

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