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There are several species of orchids, in this case we will talk about the type of orchid is the generic name Cycnoches, we note that other plants need to grow, called parasitic plant. Knowledge to know before placing the plant to decorate your home, is that according to the amount of light received flowers will sprout completely different, very new.

The flowers can also be male or female and may be differentiated according to the stalk can be thicker, than is the case with the male flower, stalk or smaller female.

decorate home

You can place outside the home, they need some shade to survive, to learn to care guidelines is simple, you must consider operating excellently when placed fertilizer, and note the number of times that generates irrigation, when summer put water on a daily basis and in times where there is more precipitation try putting less water.

Decorate your home with these plants so precious, does not involve much time and is an excellent choice.

This last time, orchids are the most chosen to give to get a different option to decorate your home.

Finally, you have to know just little things to keep it safe.

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