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These first months are usually dedicated to following the New Year’s resolutions, one very common is to lose weight you could have won with the excesses of Christmas. To do this, have a space dedicated to household physical activity is very important, especially if you do not want to pay the high monthly gym. Similarly, having a special place to practice physical activity always stimulating and help you remember that you should exercise at least once a day. Decorate a home gym and achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

decorate a home gym

Plan your exercise equipment: First, no matter how small or big your home gym, it is important to map out your team in order to maximize space. Exercising in a messy is not fun, so make sure that all high or bulky machines (if you have them) are placed along the wall, to keep the center of the room left for smaller items and activities requiring no equipment. If you are planning to buy an appliance, can be helpful to make a plan of the space ahead, with measures of the place and the new team will be easy to see if it fits in the space.

Select the ideal color: Decorate the walls with warm colors, you transmit energy without being invasive. A great idea is to decorate with stickers to delineate space. But if you do an activity like yoga or tai-chi, probably prefer a relaxing and natural color. You probably need a mirror, which is very useful if you practice yoga or dance, so remember to include it in space.

Storage space: Your place of exercise can have a modular furniture. This will not only give rise to keep sorted objects as small weights, towels, etc. but can also be used to place a video player, music and television. This is particularly useful if you use videos to guide you in your daily routine of yoga, zumba, dance routines and even intense as the PX90, so popular these days.

Lighting: Sometimes a home gym is located in privileged areas of the home but in dark places, so good lighting is necessary especially if you are exercising at night. Search white light bulbs, as they tend to be more energizing than yellow light.

Details: Do not forget to personalize the site with things that stimulate you and help you get closer to your goal. A cork board or a board can help you keep track of your progress.

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