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Most commonly, they are placed curtains on any of the windows of our homes, but we also know that we may have the same elements on the doors. Of course we are speaking of glass doors, and usually, those which are oversized. These glass doors are almost always found in large homes and those that are made in the field or in large spaces, allowing you to get a better view of nature and more contact with her.

Curtains for your screens and glass doors

Even so, there are also conventional doors, and not so great, they are made of glass and some choose to dress curtains, because they feel that it fits the decor of the environment that contains them.

However, it is common to place them on large glass doors that open onto the gardens, terraces, patios, open fields or beaches, for which we must find the types and models that are better for it, according to use them demos, the amount of light that we want to have, the quality of our intimacy, and obviously our tastes.

To do this, you should know that the translucent shades are best suited because they allow to have the lighted environment despite being closed. Some place other cloth curtains, which can be other colors-translucent above, so you have more privacy, but be careful not considering creating an environment overloaded with very thick and heavy curtains

It is important to install pins on the ends of the curtains so they can pick and find the necessary light. In this way we will also be running constantly avoiding the traditional curtains.

It is recommended that these large door curtains are light colored glass that, despite being closed will maintain acceptable illumination within the enclosure, or because even allow the passage of light, or because being clear allow the exist in the room light is refracted at their surfaces, as with the clear walls and ceiling.

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