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The windows can be perhaps one of the most versatile household items when decorating because we can use curtains, blinds, shutters or what comes to mind for this. These can be serious and elegant, fun and casual, classic or just sentadoras, because practically what we put up with a lot of creativity will do well.

curtain types

Although the functions of a window are as basic as light to pass or not, they can take a bit of the personality of the decorations. So, before looking to decorate what we should consider some details not to skate with the election, as the style of the decoration of the place where the window, the colors of the environment, and even a bit of architecture.

Of course, as important as knowing what area you are decorating the window, is to know the direction you are and of course the season, it will depend much on color and material choice. Made the choice of materials, style, and color of the set, we choose the installation system, here are some ideas to choose which one we will use for our curtains.

* We can opt for bars, is the most practical and comfortable regarding the installation of curtains, it is very easy to mount and dismount, plus they fit almost any type of window.
* As the bars are always in sight, we must choose the right style not only them, but also their color, shape, and material to them to have a perfect synchronization with curtains that dress.
* We top ends of the bars in some detail according to the existing decor in space. We can even choose to hang curtains or directly hooked into rings or clips.
* If hanging curtains is not your thing, you can opt for the rails so that your curtains glide through these channels subject to hooks. If you want to hide the short distance between the ceiling and the window, or just hide it, you should put this system.
* You can find plastic rails, which do not support much weight, but are recommended for light shades. There are also metal, which are much more resistant than previous heavier curtain.
* For something more edgy, extenders used for curtains. Is a novel system which consists of a taut steel cable in which the curtain can be hung directly, or using hooks or rings to do so. If you want something minimalist, he chooses.
* Also the worm, which consists of a spring covered by a plastic material which is engageable directly with rings window frame. It is widely used to wear tight curtains at the window.
Finally, there are the blinds or also called Japanese panel, which is a hybrid between curtain and blind vertical drop. Easy to install and practical in use.

Choose the system that you like and the best for your decor, one way or another there is no way that your windows do not take some of your personal style and look great. Good luck with your decor, and the next.

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