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Good weather always invites us to enjoy unforgettable moments. At home, and if we have a deck or porch, then we have no excuse not to make the simplest gesture (a drink, read or rest) a special moment, if we enjoy a pleasant outdoor environment.

terrace decoration

This year I decided it was best to make the most of my deck, so I took the beautiful decorative umbrella covered only a small part of the space, and installed a nice porch. The result has been better than we expected, and now not only protect us from the sun, but we have a new home environment more welcoming and with infinite decorative possibilities.

So I want to share with you some of the ideas that were among my favorite in the process of “selection”, the truth is that all are very decorative, but adapt to different structures of houses, yards and ofcourse every budget.
A porch or pergola with awning

This is perhaps one of the best choices when you want a decorative and practical solution at a time. The beauty and warmth of wood is attached to a tissue handy, covering your deck yet lets in natural light. The advantage of this type of porch is that you can pick up the awning in the winter when it rains or if you spend days or long periods away from home.

Awnings with metal closure and windproof

This tent is perfect when you just want to gain privacy in certain moments. The front closure guarantees shade and a cool indoor environment, so it is also very useful and practical for warmer days.

Decorate with white awnings and pergolas

Not always the design and materials outside of a house or apartment allow a wooden pergola, sometimes it is better to opt for other materials (metal) or colors that mimic the environment. For a beach house with nothing better to follow the white harmony, and always guiding our outdoor spaces to the sea.

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