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Here are some creative ways to spice up your kitchen! In this article we will see many simple ways to personalize and illuminate your space. There are three main areas to be covered, and these are the walls, floors and cabinets. Remember that these ideas are simply a basis for their creativity, they are free to use these ideas as your imagination!

creative kitchen decoration


One of the best ideas that exist for the floors are linoleum tiles. There are dozens of colors to choose from. For your kitchen, can mix some of her favorite colors, combining the colors you already have in your decor.


There is no better place to find good storage objects in antique markets or auctions. The reason is that most of the designs are ancient cutest, especially the modern mid-century cabinets.


If your kitchen is a blank wall that needs an urgent change, a good idea is empapelarla with your favorite recipes. They can cut interesting recipes from magazines and paste them on the wall with a layer of poly-acrylic paint with a brush 7 cm. They can hang an old flour sack to add a rustic touch. Finally, they can draw a kind of frame on the surface of the wall and leave the children to draw a picture within that limit!

As you can see, there are many ways to customize your kitchen creatively. Use these ideas as a reference to begin developing their decorative talents!

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