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Furthermore, this project highlights one of the things that stand in Bricodecoración: small details make the difference and you have to have them very much present. When we see the bathroom before we see the end result and we realize that the change will not have been major elements, but the sum of small details.

One of the things that have caught my attention is the power they have in decorating accessories. If you look, the walls remain the same initial light color but by adding colorful accessories they gain momentum and become protagonists of the bathroom. Besides white tones make Wall outshine supplements.

creative jids bathroom

Obviously the excellent choice of accessories is essential in this result so good. All of them are very successful. I love the shower curtain so funny with those reasons, but also highlight the shelves, different pictures depicting children, animated letters, etc..

But in my opinion there are two details that deserve special mention: the first is the fun lamp. That solar design I love and I think that adds a lot of fun to the room.

The second detail and perhaps the most important is the vinyl of branches and flowers that decorate every wall and “crop” everywhere. I love the original, natural touch to convey. I think that puts the finishing touch to this bathroom child.

I do not know you, but I for this bathroom going to get a lot of ideas for my home. Personally I loved it!

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