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Today I present a very creative idea to make a small but striking a shelf made ​​of such everyday objects like books. In a very simple and can create elements inches this add so colorful and staff to our home. Just need books, rope, masking tape and a drill. With this and a bit of banter create an object that will appeal to our visits and give an original touch to our decor.

Create a small bookcase

The first thing to do is prepare the books so they look nice as shelves. In the example image chosen adhesive paper is very colorful, and in my opinion this type of paper is perfect for lively shelf we want to create. But of course there are tastes for colors, the saying goes, so you can choose the one you like paper or the one that best suits your decor.

Once prepared the books, prepare the ropes to hold the shelves. You’ll have to cut 4 cords are the same size as the structure of the shelf. Dimensions?? You and how long you want it to be dependent, but it is essential that all the strings are the same length.

And finally we will create holes in the books with the drill to pass through them the ropes. The thickness of the drill try not to be too wide, because although we want the rope to go smoothly, once past it secured with a knot that will, that will stop what hag.

The larger the hole, the greater must be the knot and more will be appreciated. And ideally appreciate the bare minimum.

Well this is all you have to do to create this creative bookshelf. What do you think? Simple, right? Then the result will be most resultón, I assure you.

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