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As we know, the creation of a garden is not easy or quick. The tasks should be done with patience and constancy, and only good results were achieved and a suitable growth we plant species. Firstly, the most important thing is that the land is fertile and only plants will adapt and grow in the best way. On the other hand, we recommend using a greatly tutor from planting to guide and route way the good plant growth. This tutor or guide, should be monitored over the course of months, to verify that there has deviated, distorted or is suffocating the trunk of the plant.

creating a gardenIn turn, we also advise pruning and shaping flowers, shrubs or plants, since the early stages of growth, shape issue. Do so since the plants are young will help the future. In addition, you should also be careful about insects, especially ants and watered regularly, whenever necessary.

Trees for the Garden

As mentioned above, the pruning of the tree from his youth is important for the shape you want. Prune branches or streams diverted every year is important.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that not all trees can be planted together. There are tree species that do not develop and grow in the best way, if you do not have the space or the necessary food, being more appropriate planting separately.

Some of the trees that can be planted together, grow healthily, are silky oak, birch, pine, poplar, acacia white crepe. In contrast, some of the trees planted separately recommended are: the European oak, willow, lapacho.

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