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Children and crafts are a perfect match, so decorate your room and to share with you this may be a unique and happy. The craft does not always have to be complicated, but on the contrary, very simple. Serve to leave the room of the kings of the house with an original and warm decor. Decorative Baby Mobiles are one of the most common ideas, but there are others in which slightly older children we can lend a hand at the time of its preparation.

Crafts to decorate children's rooms

A good way to get order in the Room

If siblings share a room, we can begin to create with some fabric scraps animals that clearly differentiate what each closet or place in the rack, which should hang your coat.

Also with fabric scraps can create big bags and embroider their names to hang and after that everyone knows what their place is to save things. Bold colors and decorate sympathetic characters and facilitate the task of collecting when play time is over.

Creativity and teamwork

The boxes in which they keep their toys can also be a fun craft and easily customizable. So you only need to pick up the boxes and cover them with colored paper and then, with another different type of paper, put the names of the little ones of the house or the things we want to be saved inside.

This is a good way to organize your room fun, while encouraging their creativity, spend time with them and teach them to work as a team while having a good time.

Another simple but fun craft is to take two identical stuffed and put a rope between them for later hang with clothespins the funniest photos of our little like laundry. They choose the photos that will help them to be hung and put the clamps. A task also fun to spend some time with our children, something not very common in a society that is fast.

Are you sure you can think of many more things if you think a little!

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